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I love helping English teachers!

I’m Jamie Gajewski, an American educator with 10 years of experience teaching abroad and online.

I hope you enjoy these free lessons, materials and resources for English teachers.

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Happy teaching!

Teaching Materials on the Blog

C1 Vocabulary Activities for CAE

C1 Vocabulary Activities for CAE

In this C1 Vocabulary Activities workshop, students will discuss C1 level words and their definitions. Then, students will practice using C1 vocabulary words in a speaking and/or writing activity. This lesson includes a free downloadable GoogleSlides presentation,...

Odd One Out ESL Speaking Activity

Odd One Out ESL Speaking Activity

Challenge your students to think outside of the box with this ESL speaking activity: Odd One Out. This activity is inspired by a lesson from  This activity works best with intermediate to advanced level English language learners. It can be played both in the...

Business Discussions Lesson: Teach Business English

Business Discussions Lesson: Teach Business English

Are you looking for a quick and easy Business English lesson for intermediate to advanced learners? Try this Business Discussions lesson with a free Google Slides presentation and lesson plan. Use this lesson in the classroom or on a remote learning platform....