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B2 Vocabulary Speaking Activity for FCE Students

Do your students struggle to use B2 vocabulary when they speak English? Help students get a higher mark on the Cambridge B2 First Certificate (FCE) exam with this free workshop and printable activity.

Step 1: Download the FREE B2 vocabulary speaking activity

Click on the links below to download all the materials that you will need for this 1-hour lesson.

Step 2: Prepare the speaking cards

Print the speaking activity cards. I recommend printing them with a darker color on the other side so that students cannot see through the cards. Cut up the cards, one set per pair or small group.

ESL Teacher 365 B2 vocabulary flash cards

Step 3: Present the Powerpoint

The Powerpoint is in a PDF format. Follow the instructions on the slides.

First, students will discuss some sets of words in pairs or small groups. Then, students will compare what they thought about the words with a definition for each one. Depending on the level of your class, you might also want to put up some example sentences on the board at this time.

Next, repeat the process with another set of words.

Step 4: Do the speaking activity to practice B2 vocabulary

Lastly, students will put some of the words they’ve just learned into practice, as well as their skills of deduction for new B2 vocabulary.

Each student should draw 2 cards and reveal them to their partners. The students must then have a “natural” conversation, trying to use as many of their words as possible. It can be quite challenging and fun!

Monitor the students and offer feedback and assistance if needed.

You can keep the cards and reuse them for other activities as well.

Girl reading an English dictionary

Final Thoughts

This B2 vocabulary builder speaking activity helps students realize how they must make an effort to use more complicated words when they speak. I like to write up 1-3 “words of the day” on the board so that students can learn new B2 level words and use them in class.

If you liked this activity, there is an extended version for sale on my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. The extended version also includes a writing activity and more vocabulary slides, making this lesson suitable for a 2-hour lesson.

For lower level students or as a refresher for higher level students, try this lesson on -ed pronunciation.

If your students are at the C1 (CAE) level, try this lesson on using C1 words in speaking and writing or tips for the C1 (CAE) speaking exam.

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B2 English Vocabulary Speaking Activity
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