Business Discussions Lesson Business English

Business Discussions Lesson: Teach Business English

Are you looking for a quick and easy Business English lesson for intermediate to advanced learners? Try this Business Discussions lesson with a free Google Slides presentation and lesson plan.

Use this lesson in the classroom or on a remote learning platform. Depending on the level of your students, it can take 45-60 minutes.

To get started, simply download the Google Slides presentation and follow the lesson plan below.

Download the Business Discussions Lesson slides

First, download the ESL Teacher 365 Business Discussions Lesson.

Go over the lesson objectives with your class

Using the second slide, go over what they will learn in today’s lesson

Lesson objectives

Activate prior knowledge

Next, show your students the third slide. In pairs or small groups, give students 5 minutes to think of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs related to the topic “business meeting.” Then, gather the students’ responses and create a mindmap on the board or digital whiteboard.

Introduce expressions for giving an opinion

The next step is to go over the expressions on giving an opinion. Make sure that students write down the expressions in their notebooks.

Depending on your students’ level, you may need to provide extra support.

  • Go over the pronunciation of individual words as well as connected speech and intonation
  • Elicit or provide an example sentence for each expression
  • Highlight which grammar structure follows each expression
  • Answer any questions students have

Introduce expressions for asking others for their opinions

Now, use the same process to go over the expressions for asking others for their opinions. Repeat the steps listed above for these expressions.

Again, make sure that students write down the expressions in their notebooks.

Business discussions lesson practice activity

Divide your class into pairs or small groups (or breakout rooms if you are using a remote learning platform.) 

Activity Instructions: 

Talk about which is better. (There will be two options with photos.) Practice giving opinions and asking other people for theirs.

At this point, encourage students to try to use the new expressions, as well as ones they are already familiar with. Monitor the students and make corrections as needed.

Come back together as a class and get feedback on the topics as well as the language used.

Final speaking activity

Now, put the students into small groups – preferably different from their previous groups or pairs. 

Activity Instructions:

Now, talk about these topics related to business. Use as many expressions as you can in a natural way.

Encourage students to focus on using the expressions correctly, rather than simply ticking them off the list. Again, monitor the students and provide corrections if necessary.

Finally, come back together as a class and gather feedback on the questions as well as any observations on the expressions.

Final Thoughts

I hope you try out this lesson in your Business English classes soon. If you have any questions or comments, please fill in the form below.

If you would like an extended version of this lesson including expressions for interrupting in a polite way as well as additional speaking questions for the final activity, please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. There you can purchase the full version of this lesson for $2 USD.

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Happy teaching!

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