Now that schools are going online more than ever before, it’s time to get creative in the virtual classroom. If you teach beginning or pre-intermediate English, this free Zoom lesson is for you!

This lesson includes a PowerPoint PDF on prepositions of place that introduces students to 9 prepositions of place and includes a practice activity for Zoom breakout rooms.

Depending on your group’s size and level, you’ll need between 30 and 45 minutes for this lesson. 

Instructions for the Zoom lesson on prepositions of place

1: Download the free PDF file of the lesson PowerPoint below.

2: Go over the lesson objectives with your class so they know what they will be learning about.

3: Activate prior knowledge by asking students to answer the questions on the 3rd slide. They can discuss this as a class or you can divide the class into breakout rooms. Gather the students back for feedback and use the whiteboard function on Zoom to note down students’ ideas.

4: Go over the information on the 4th slide, adding in any extra things as needed.

5: Present new language. Draw students’ attention to words written in CAPITAL letters and take extra care with slides containing more than one preposition of place.

6: If time allows, you can do extra recall practice.

7: Breakout activity: follow the instructions on the 14th slide. Make sure students understand exactly what they need to do in the breakout rooms. Allow enough time for students to complete the activity.

8: Come back together as a class and gather feedback on the activity.

Other ideas

If you want to turn this into a longer Zoom lesson, there are many add-on activity options.

You can purchase the full version of this Zoom lesson on my Teachers Pay Teachers shop for $2 USD. The full version includes an animated (and editable) PowerPoint presentation via Google Slides on Google Drive and a PDF with instructions. The full lesson has a recall activity and second practice activity. The full lesson takes between 45-60 minutes.

Other ideas for extending this Zoom lesson

Simon Says

Choose a student to be the leader. The leader tells the other students what to do using a preposition of place. Students must do the action if the leader says “Simon says” before the action. If they don’t hear “Simon says” and they move, they are out of the game.

For example, “Simon says put your pencil next to your ear.” (Students must put their pencil next to their ear.

“Put your hands on your head.” (Students mustn’t move. If they do, they are out.)

What’s Missing

Create drawings or write sentences on sticky notes, one or two per preposition of place. The more sticky notes, the more difficult the activity.

Choose 4-5 sticky notes at a time and show them to your class. 

Lower the sticky notes out of sight and take one out. Rearrange them for added difficulty.

Show the sticky notes to your students and ask them to tell you the sentence matching the one that is missing

Students can also do this on their own in breakout rooms with regular paper.

Teaching online can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or boring! I hope you enjoy this lesson with your class and please leave me a comment if you found it helpful. Happy teaching!

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Free Zoom Lesson Plan for Prepositions of place

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