Quiz sites are fantastic tools for students and teachers to learn, practice, and review English vocabulary and grammar. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of three popular websites: Quizziz, Kahoot, and Quizlet.




  • Students see the questions and answers on their own screen. This is great for large classrooms or online learning.
  • Different types of questions and polls
  • No ads
  • Players only need a code to join a live game
  • Flashcards for reviewing
  • Reports to see which questions were difficult for your students
  • Free for K-12 teachers (if you work for a school or district)


  • Intro subscription (if you aren’t a K-12 teacher) only allows you to create 3 games, with 25 players max
  • The next tier up allows for unlimited games but costs $19USD a month




  • Players only need a code to join a live game
  • You can send challenges for students to complete as homework on their own
  • Large self-study library
  • Duplicate and edit existing Kahoots
  • Different kinds of questions
  • You can host games via videoconferencing
  • The basic plan allows you to create quizzes


  • You need a TV screen or SmartBoard to display the questions. Students only see the answers on their devices.
  • To unlock more question types and features like adding slides and puzzles, the pro plan costs $3USD per month, per teacher




  • Flashcard based learning – great for test prep and review
  • Students can play live games, match or gravity
  • Players only need a code to join a live game
  • Quizlet Live – students work together in teams to answer questions which leads to more communication
  • Accuracy is valued over speed
  • The free version allows for unlimited flashcards


  • Students need to create an account to use the flashcards
  • The free version has ads
  • Quizlet teacher costs $4.95USD per month
  • Some students have been uploading final exam questions to Quizlet and cheating on exams

Summary – Which one is best?

In my opinion, the best quiz site for your classroom depends on a few factors: class size, budget, and competitiveness.

Class size

Small – Quizziz or Kahoot, Quizlet for personal review

Medium – Quizziz, Kahoot or Quizlet

Large – Quizziz or Quizlet


No budget or low budget – Kahoot

Medium budget – Quizlet

Larget budget – Quizziz


Competitive class – Kahoot or Quizziz

Non-competitive class – Quizlet or Quizziz

My thoughts on Quizziz

My students really like Quizziz. It can be difficult to see long or more complicated questions on a TV screen or SmartBoard, so my students like that the questions are on their phone screen

If you work for a school or district, the free version is fantastic. If not, $19 a month is an investment, especially with so many other free resources out there.

My thoughts on Kahoot

Kahoot is very popular and works for a competitive class. The basic plan is perfect for the needs of most teachers. I would only upgrade to the pro plan if you are very tech-savvy since the other features can be a bit complicated to set up.

My students’ biggest complaint is that they can’t see the question. When you write a long question, the font is really small and hard to read.

My thoughts on Quizlet

Quizlet teacher is worth the investment. Even better if your school pays for a subscription! 

Quizlet Live is much more communicative than Kahoot or Quizziz because students have different answers on each device, meaning that they must work together. It’s really good for a class that doesn’t like competition because accuracy is rewarded instead of speed.
I’ve used all three quiz sites in my classroom, but it really depends on each group which one I choose. I hope you try out one or more of these sites. Let me know what you think! Happy teaching!

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Top 3 websites for learning English

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