Canva for Teachers Create a Worksheet with Canva

Canva Tutorial for Teachers – How to Create a Worksheet with Canva

As a teacher, I love using Canva to create worksheets for my online and in-person classes. In this post, I’ll show you how to create a worksheet using Canva. 

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What is Canva?

To begin, Canva is an online design tool which is extremely easy to use. It’s a great tool for teachers because you can create fantastic resources without spending hours and hours doing so. There are also thousands of ready to use (or edit) templates to get you started.

There are a few different kinds of subscriptions teachers can use:

  • Free version ($0 per month) – includes 250,000 + templates, hundreds of thousands of images and graphics, allows you to work on projects as a team and 5GB of cloud storage
  • Canva for Education ($0 per month) – is free for K-12 teachers and students, includes 420,000+ templates, 75 million+ images, graphics and videos that are free-to-use in the classroom

Which version of Canva is right for me?

If you are a K-12 school teacher

Canva for Education is perfect for you! As long as you are not selling anything you create for a profit, then Canva for Education is a great tool to have in the classroom – plus it’s FREE!

Eligibility requirements for Canva for Education:

  • Be a teacher (employee or independent contractor) at a qualified Educational Institution (a public or private primary or secondary school that has been accredited by an authorized governmental agency)

If you are teaching abroad or online

I recommend getting Canva Pro. When teaching abroad, you might be teaching adults, working at a school that isn’t accredited or not be considered an employee of your school (if you are a language assistant, for example.) In this case, you wouldn’t qualify for Canva for Education.

Additionally, Canva Pro includes a commercial license, which Canva for Education does not. This means that you can use materials you create for use on platforms like Outschool or sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers

Try Canva Pro for free

How to Create a Worksheet with Canva

First, sign up for Canva. Then, type “worksheet” into the search bar. You’ll see many different example worksheet templates.

Worksheet templates on Canva for teachers

Search through the templates until you find something you like, or just use them as inspiration. You’ll be able to edit all of the elements on the templates. I usually pay more attention to the format that I like than the content since I’ll be changing it.

Let’s take a look at this “Getting to Know You” worksheet. I’ll show you how to customize the template.

worksheet example on Canva

How to Change a Color on a Worksheet in Canva

To begin, click on the color you want to change on your worksheet. The same color will appear in a small box on the upper left hand side of the screen. Click that box and it will bring up various color suggestions. 

You can either select one of the colors available, choose a new color by clicking “new color” or all in a color’s name or code in the search box.

Change a color in Canva

How to Change a Font on a Worksheet in Canva

Next, to change a font, click on one of the sentences or titles you want to change. Select a font on the left hand side of the screen. Change the size of the font by clicking the “+” or “-” symbols, selecting a number or typing in your own number in the top bar.

Change a font in Canva

Customize the font – bold, italics or underline. If you have a title, try the “effects” tab to create fonts with shadows and more. You can also change the line and letter spacing, which is great for formatting worksheets!

How to Add Clip Art to a Worksheet in Canva

You can find clip art in Canva under the “elements” tab on the left hand side. You’ll find “recently used” elements, featured, lines, shapes and frames.

Elements in Canva

Frames allow you to cut photographs into specific shapes! There are even letter frames, so you can put a picture of a snake into the letter S, for example.

Use the search box to search for a specific image to add to your Canva worksheet. Simply click on the image, drag it over and resize if needed.

Add elements to a Canva worksheet

Create a Worksheet on Canva without a Template

While it’s faster and easier to edit a worksheet template, you can of course create your own worksheet using a mixture of elements, fonts and even your own uploaded photographs or designs. Here’s an example of a worksheet I’ve created to use in my Spanish classes:

Canva worksheet example Jamie Gajewski

First, I added the titles using the “Text” option on the left hand side. There is a helpful tool in Canva that helps you center your images and text (a line appears when it is centered.)

Next, I added the sticky note by clicking on “elements” and then “shapes.” I scrolled until I found the sticky note shape. I dragged the shape over to the worksheet and then resized it.

Then, I added the lines by copying them from one of the worksheet templates. If you want to copy multiple elements and/or text, then simply click and drag your mouse over what you want to select. From there, you can resize or copy everything together.

Finally, I added text inside the sticky note, text to match the lines (again, there are tools to help you line up your elements easily) and searched for a clip art image of Spain.

Add your copyright information and you’re ready to teach!

Try Canva Pro for free

Other Ways Teachers Can Use Canva

Canva is such a useful tool for teachers. I highly recommend playing around with it to see what you can create! Here are some other ways that I use Canva in my virtual and physical classrooms:

More Canva Tutorials for Teachers

Make a printable or animated children’s book for teaching online or in the classroom. This is a great option for Outschool teachers as a way to avoid copyright issues.

Make a lesson plan in Canva using one of their templates. Find out how to edit a lesson plan template plus other ideas for keeping your lesson plans organized.

More Teaching Tips & Tricks

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