Teach English Abroad After College

How to Teach English Abroad After College

Whether you want to take a gap year after graduation or simply try teaching abroad, in today’s post you’ll learn how to teach English abroad after college. Find out which is the best program for you!

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Why should I teach English abroad after college?

Many college graduates dream of traveling while they are still young. Teaching English abroad is a great way to finance this. You can take advantage of weekends and holidays to see other parts of your new country, or even hop on over to another country in the region.

Many English teaching programs abroad have an age limit. Teaching English after college is a great time to take advantage of all the fantastic programs for young people.

In addition, teaching English abroad is a great first job because it provides you with international work experience. In today’s connected world, living and working abroad definitely stands out on a resume. 

Finally, teaching English abroad allows you to grow as a person. You will be faced with many challenges such as finding a place to live using a foreign language, adapting to a new work environment, and experiencing a new culture. In my opinion, the rewards of this lifestyle almost always outweigh the challenges.

What do I need to teach English abroad after university?

Luckily, you’ve already got your degree which will open a lot of doors abroad. The next step is to do a 120 hour (or more) TEFL course. TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” and there are many options available. TESOL is basically the same thing as TEFL.

I recommend the TEFL courses from Premier TEFL because they offer a variety of options and are widely accepted. You can choose from more affordable fast track options and level 5 government-regulated courses.

CELTA is a more intensive teaching course aimed at teaching English to adults from Cambridge English. I did my CELTA course in Brisbane, Australia. I recommend a CELTA course to people who are serious about making teaching English their long term career.

How to choose a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA program

  • Make sure the program is accredited. Some programs and schools abroad won’t accept TEFL certificates if they aren’t accredited. There are many deals online for $20 TEFL courses but I never recommend them if you want to teach abroad. Premier TEFL has some fantastic TEFL courses at different levels and price points. If you are really serious about teaching English, I would recommend doing a CELTA course.
  • Consider doing a TEFL course in the country where you would like to teach. These courses often help you with a student visa as well as job placements after the program has finished.
  • Talk to someone who has done the TEFL program. The best way to find out if a program is any good is to contact a graduate. You can also check online reviews.

Programs to Teach English Abroad

You have your degree and TEFL. Now, you need to choose where to teach! Recent college graduates have an advantage because many foreign governments have English language assistant programs for people under 25 or 30.

What is an English language assistant?

Being a language assistant is different than working as an English teacher. This can be a great first “teaching job” because you usually work closely with a local English teacher from the country where you are teaching.

A language assistant is meant to offer support and a native accent to enhance English classes in schools. However, not all programs are the same. Depending on your program, school, or even headteacher, you may find yourself leading the class on your own or simply working with kids one on one to improve their speaking skills. 

Popular Government Sponsored ESL Teaching Programs

Here are some of the top programs for teaching English abroad after college. Note: Some of these programs are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, you can always prepare your application now so it’s ready when borders open.

Teach English Abroad in Asia after college

Most Popular Asia Teaching Programs

  • JET Program in Japan Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. Native English speakers from any country where English is an official language. This program offers a competitive salary, flights, and paid holidays. There is a focus on embracing Japanese culture. Apply to JET here.
  • EPIK Program in South KoreaEnglish Program in Korea. Native English speakers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, or the US. This program offers a competitive salary, bonuses, and paid airfare. Contracts are for one year. This program requires you to have some teaching experience, a TEFL/TESOL and/or degree in teaching. Apply to EPIK here.
  • NET Program in Hong KongNative-speaking English teachers. Native English speakers and high-level non-Native English speakers. This program offers housing allowance, flights, a health insurance stipend, and a competitive salary. Teach English to primary or secondary students in schools with large classroom sizes. Apply to NET here.
Teach English abroad in Europe

Most Popular European Teaching Programs

  • TAPIF Program in FranceTeaching Assitant Program in France. Citizens and permanent residents of the US. The program offers a monthly stipend, health insurance, and a work visa. Teach in French schools for 12 hours per week. You must have an intermediate level of French to apply. Apply to TAPIF here.
  • CETP Program in HungaryCentral European Teaching program. Native English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, or EU countries. This program offers accommodation, paid holidays, salary, health insurance, and a work visa. Contracts are for 6 or 10 months. Apply to CETP here.

If none of these programs appeal to you, check out this post on How to Get Started Teaching abroad. Here you’ll find a list of other teach abroad opportunities and programs.

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