Teach English Online with Magic Ears Review

Magic Ears Review: Teach English Online

Do you want to teach English online? In this Magic Ears Review, you’ll learn what it’s like to teach for this online English company from two veteran teachers: Jennifer and Kelly.

Keep reading to find out if Magic Ears is a good fit for you!

Edited for August 2021: Due to China’s recent policy change regarding foreign teachers, Magic Ears will be closing down. They are still hiring at the moment to ensure students who have already purchased classes are taught, but are expected to close within 6-12 months. Check out the video below for 6 non-Chinese teaching companies, online teaching marketplace options & online freelance teaching tips.

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How long have you been working for Magic Ears?


I have been working for Magic Ears for over two years.


Since November 2018, so a bit over 2 years. 

Magic Ears Teacher Kelly

Do you need a degree and/or TEFL to teach for Magic Ears?


Yes, you need to have a degree – or be enrolled to complete a degree (any discipline). You also need a TEFL / TESOL certificate (minimum of 120 hours).


Applicants must either have a completed or in progress bachelor’s degree to apply.  A TESOL/TEFL is not required to apply or interview, but one must be obtained and provided before an applicant completes the hiring process (i.e. before they can begin teaching).  Magic Ears does offer one for $20 if needed.

Which nationalities can apply for Magic Ears?


I believe they hire teachers from Canada, the US and South Africa.


The US, Canada and South Africa at this time.

What was the hiring process like?


The hiring process is pretty simple and quick. First, complete the application process online and upload any necessary documents. If you meet the requirements/qualifications, they will invite you to the next stage.

At that moment, you will have two options: a live interview or record a demo video. If/when you pass the demo/live interview, you will be invited to complete a trial class. From there, they will decide whether or not to hire you.

If you are hired, Magic Ears will offer you an initial six-month contract. Then, it’s up to you to accept or decline. If you accept, simply submit the signed contract (can be signed via doc hub). Finally, you complete the onboarding process – including your teacher profile, payment info, certificates, and opening your schedule.


Sign up and apply via the website. (It helps to use a referral link, as having a good mentor can really aid in getting hired. Magic Ears is extremely selective!) Complete either a live or recorded short demo. (This is pass/fail. If an applicant fails, they must wait 3 months to reapply.)

Complete a training session (which consists of another short demo).  This is pass/fail, but applicants can repeat as needed until they pass. Complete profile, contract, etc. Start teaching!

Magic Ears Teacher Jennifer

How many hours per week do you usually work?


I typically work about 20 – 24 hours per week.


There are no minimum hours, so it varies for me. I also work for other companies, so I often use Magic Ears to fill gaps in my schedule. 

How much are you paid? What can a beginning teacher expect to make?


Currently, I am being paid between $24 – 26 USD per hour. You make an extra $2 USD per hour for standby classes. I didn’t start out at that rate, though. Thankfully, Magic Ears offers raises and bonuses upon contract renewal. That’s always a bonus for new Magic Heroes (the teachers).

As for new teachers – the pay can range from $12 – 24 USD per hour. The rate depends on the applicant’s experience, education, demo, and nationality. Magic Ears also offers a couple of bonuses on top of your base pay – a participation bonus (an extra $2 USD per hour), and a peak hours bonus (an extra $2 USD per hour).


South African teachers are paid $8-12 an hour.  US/Canadian teachers make $15-26 an hour. 

What equipment would you recommend?


A reliable computer (laptop or desktop), an HD camera (external or integrated), and a comfortable headset (microphone built-in). I swear by the Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 headset. I have tried others, but the Microsoft ones are the most comfortable and offer noise cancelling.

As for the computer – Windows or Mac, CPU of I5 4th generation or higher, and at least 4GB RAM memory. Don’t forget about a strong internet connection – ideally a hard-wired connection.

Now, for the fun stuff: some props – flashcards, stuffed animals, puppets, a whiteboard, etc. The props don’t have to cost a fortune. You can find great items that are cheap or you can make your own. You would be surprised how many props we have lingering in our homes.


A good computer (Windows or Mac, desktop or laptop) – it needs to be able to run the Magic Ears app/platform fluidly, so a good processor and RAM are important.  Also, having a good quality webcam and headset are also important.

What is your typical day like?


When I’m in Canada, my classes start super early. I wake up around 4 am, sometimes earlier (thank you daylight savings). When I’m in Portugal, the hours are beautiful – starting around 9am or 10am (again, thank you daylight savings).

I prefer having at least 20 minutes of free time to prep and really wake up with some coffee. I normally have a full schedule booked, so I teach for about 4 hours. After saying goodbye to all the wonderful students, I complete the student reviews and then sign off.


I am luckily based in Australia, which means teaching hours are similar to China time.  I have lots of opportunities to work and lots of free time in my day too. On any given day, I spend time before my classes preparing, which means reviewing lessons and gathering props. (Magic Ears likes props!)  I teach my classes and complete my feedback.  It is easy and stress-free. 

What are your students like?


Honestly, the students are the best! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you get the odd student that misbehaves, or just needs more focus. But normally, they are super involved and engaged. Most days are just pure joy, and they make me laugh so much.


Adorable! I find most students love to have fun in class.  Many bring their own props and really get into it. I love it!

What’s the best thing about teaching with Magic Ears?


I really love their platform and the lessons they offer. Also, I think most teachers would agree, they have a fantastic scheduling/cancellation policy.


I love the support, both in terms of the head office staff and the teaching community. I also love the lessons, as they are super fun and interactive.

What’s the worst thing about teaching with Magic Ears?


That they don’t offer more classes. However, during the holidays and summer breaks, they have more class slots available.


It can feel a bit micromanaged at times, as there are strict rules about timing and behaviour. 

Do you have any funny or inspirational teaching stories?


There have been a couple of camera mishaps. Not mine, but various students not realizing what their camera was picking up. Thankfully, there is a camera OFF function.

I’m inspired everyday by the unique connections made with the students. The majority are so thankful – you can feel their happiness, appreciation, and love through the screen.


My favorite class was me getting out-propped by my students! I love props, and always bring several to my classes. These kids had prepared ahead and had more props than I did to show off during the lesson. We spent most of the time laughing and having so much fun bringing the lesson to life. 

Anything else you want to say about working for Magic Ears?


From my experience, I feel Magic Ears does their best to balance out teacher requests and student demand. They listen to their teachers, provide transparency with policy changes, and try to make everyone feel valued.


Magic Ears is a great company if you simply love teaching and working with kids. They love seeing that passion.  They are flexible, which is great. And they book for you, so no hunting down students or waiting for bookings.  

What is your teacher referral link?

If you want to sign up to be a Magic Ears teacher, click on a teacher to use their referral link. Disclaimer: This provides them with a small commission at no extra cost to you.



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