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Learn English with Music Videos for Free

Lyrics Training is a fun website where you can practice your listening, reading, vocabulary, and writing skills with popular music videos. You can choose from music videos in British, American, and Australian accents. Want a new way to study? Try Lyrics Training!

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Choose a music video

First, go to You can sign up for an account, or play without an account.

Select a music video from the list, or search for a song or singer/band in the search bar.

Choose a Video Lyrics Training

Select your level

After you choose a music video, you will see this screen. Each song has a different word count.

Choose your level Lyrics Training

Choose if you want to write in the words or multiple choice

Finally, there are two ways to play the game. For your first time, I suggest the multiple-choice option. If you are more confident, try writing in the words. 

How it works: try to write in the words after you hear them. If you miss a word, the music video will stop to give you time to write.

Lyrics Training Write Missing Word

How does Lyrics Training help me learn English?

Listening skills:

On this website, you can practice listening to a variety of accents. Lyrics can be difficult to understand, even for native speakers, so it’s really good practice for careful listening.


Many singers use slang, phrasal verbs, and expressions in their songs. These words can build your vocabulary and help you understand native speakers.

Reading skills:

You are reading the lyrics as the singer sings them. You also need to read words if you choose the multiple-choice option.

Writing skills:

If you choose the writing option, you need to write in the missing words and spell them correctly. 

Lyrics Training Choose a Word

Final Thoughts

I love using this website in my classroom, but Lyrics Training is also great for studying at home. If you are tired of studying grammar, take a break, and try out this website!

For more practice, try this guide to simple Au Pair English words or a grammar lesson on past habits.

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Learn English with Music Videos

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