How to Use Canva Templates for Online Teachers

How to Use Canva Templates for Freelance Online Teachers

Canva is a fantastic tool for freelance online teachers. It’s easy to customize Canva templates to fit your brand and attract students. In this post, Gregory from explains how to customize templates on Canva.

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Using Canva Templates to Create Instagram Posts

Before you get started creating your Instagram posts, you should take a little bit of time to customize the template to make sure it fits your own brand in terms of colours and fonts. You want to make sure that potential students can recognize your brand!

We are going to start by customizing the “Fill in the gap” template. You can download this template for free by clicking here:

Instagram Square Post Template

Adjusting Colors in Canva

You can change the color of any object or text so it matches the style you want. Simply click on the object you want to change the color of and select a new color using the color picker. If you want a custom color (for example, if you’ve already selected your brand colors), then use the hex code.

Adjusting Fonts in Canva

Fonts are changed in the same way you would change colors. Click on the text you want to change the font of, click the font icon and select a new font from the list.

On Canva you will find that some fonts are premium and some are free. To gain access to all the fonts, images, templates and more, sign up for a free 30-day Canva Pro trial.

You can also purchase fonts for commercial use on Creative Market and upload them into Canva.

Changing the Transparency on Canva

You can also change the transparency of different objects by selecting them and clicking on the transparency icon. You can then use the slider to adjust the transparency of the object. This is useful when layering decorative designs in the background of your posts.

Adding a Photo on Canva

In order to add a photo, you need to first find a photo you want by clicking on “photo” from the left-hand menu. Search for a photo you want to use by typing in a keyword (some photos are only available through Canva Pro so make sure to sign up for the free trial!)

Once you find a photo you want, simply drag and drop it into the placeholder. You can also upload your own photos from your computer or from your phone’s camera roll if creating using the free Canva phone app.

Adjust Photo Size and Postition on Canva

By double-clicking on the photo, you will be able to adjust the size and positioning. Nearly every part of Canva templates are customizable and if you make a mistake or want to change it, just use the back arrow.

Experiment on Canva!

Try experimenting with different color and font combinations until it matches the style you want. You can also duplicate your design and switch out the content – this will save you a lot of time!

Final Thoughts

If you would like tips and tricks for WHAT to post on your social media, check out my free Social Media for Online Teachers Masterclass.

To access free templates from Gregory, click the links below:

Instagram Square Post Template

Instagram Story Post Template

These Canva template were created by Gregory, who is a fellow ESL teacher as well as a designer. He has been teaching English for just over ten years and manages his own ESL Conversation Topics website where he posts lots of conversation ideas for ESL teachers and learners.

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