Comparatives English Grammar Lesson

Easy Comparatives English Grammar Lesson

Do you want to improve your English grammar? Try this easy lesson on comparatives. You will learn about comparative adjectives and how to form them. Then, practice with two activities.

What are comparatives?

In English, we use comparatives to talk about two things.

For example, my hair is longer than my sister’s hair.

This house is more beautiful than my apartment.

We usually use a comparative adjective + than.

How to form comparative adjectives

First, you need to look at the adjective. How many syllables does it have?

One syllable adjectives: add -er 

Examples: Old, Large, Long, Tall, Young

Old → older than

I am older than my brother.

Large → larger than

My desk at work is larger than my desk at work.

One syllable adjectives with consonant vowel consonant pattern: double the consonant, add -er

Examples: Sad, Wet, Hot

Big → bigger than

Her room is bigger than her sister’s room.

One or two syllables ending in -y: change -y to -i and add -er 

Examples: Funny, Angry, Dry, Ugly, Crazy

Happy → happier than

I’m happier at my new job than I was at my old job.

Two or more syllables: use more 

Examples: Beautiful, Intelligent, Important, Generous

Careful → more careful than

Be careful! Like a lot of things in English, there are some exceptions. For example, some comparatives can take two forms: quieter/more quiet. However, one form is more common.

Comparatives in English Infographic

Comparatives Practice Activity 1

Look at the pictures and complete the sentences using the adjective in brackets. The answers are at the end of this post.

  1. The water in the canyon is ___________ the water in the ocean. (dark)
  2. Visiting the beach is ____________ (expensive) visiting the the canyon.
  3. The canyon’s weather is ____________ (sunny) the beach’s weather.
  4. The beach is ___________ (tropical) the canyon.
  5. Taking pictures at the beach is ____________ (easy) taking pictures at the canyon.

Comparatives Practice Activity 2

Look at the pictures and write 3 sentences using comparatives for each one. To check your answers, email me at or post your answer in the ESL Teacher 365 Free English Lessons Facebook group.

Practice Activity 1 Answers

  1. darker than
  2. more expensive than
  3. sunnier than
  4. more tropical than
  5. easier than

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