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How to Apply to Teach English Online on Cambly

Are you looking for a flexible way to teach English online? If you are a native English speaker, you can apply to teach English online on Cambly – no degree or experience required. In this blog post, I’ll share what the Cambly application process is like (plus some helpful tips!)

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Cambly Application Process

If you’re a native English speaker with a laptop and a strong internet connection, then you can apply to teach on Cambly in under 10 minutes. You don’t need a university degree or previous tutoring experience to apply which is why I recommend teaching on Cambly as one of your first online teaching jobs.

Start your Cambly application by clicking here. If you’d like to teach adults, you can apply to Cambly. If you want to teach kids, you can apply to Cambly Kids. You can apply to both if you like

Cambly Written Application

The first step is to fill out your Cambly tutor profile. This includes information like your teacher name, a teacher introduction, your teaching style, the languages you speak, your work experience and qualifications. 

For official application tips from Cambly, you can read this helpful article.

While a TEFL certificate isn’t a requirement, I recommend getting TEFL certified before teaching online. It will give you more confidence in the online classroom!

If you are looking for an affordable, basic TEFL course, I recommend International Open Academy.

If you would like a more in-depth TEFL course, you can enroll in the Premier TEFL 120 hour course. Here’s my review of the course. You can use the code JamieESL10 to get 10% off any Premier TEFL course.

TIP: Your written teacher intro will be one of the first things that potential students read so keep your English easy to understand and clear.

TIP: Upload a professional looking photo with a friendly smile. If you want your picture to stand out from the crowd of other teachers, I recommend using Canva Pro to remove the background of your photo and replacing it with a solid color background. If you’d like a free 30-day trial of Canva Pro, click here.

Cambly Video Application

The next step is to create and upload your intro video. You can either film the video on your smartphone or record it directly using the Cambly application. If you’d like to edit your video, you can use Canva.

Before creating your video, I highly recommend reading this official Cambly article with application instructions. 


  • Your video isn’t just for your application, it will be displayed on your Cambly profile. This means you need to speak clearly and slowly since prospective students will be looking at your profile.
  • How your video looks and sounds is very important! Have a clean looking background, good lighting on your face and dress appropriately. Check your sound after recording.
  • Stay within the time limit of 1-3 minutes.
  • Don’t read from a script! Speak naturally and show off your personality.
  • If you’d like an example of my demo video, scroll to the middle of this video.

Supplemental questions

After you fill out your tutor profile and upload your demo video, the next step is to complete a few supplemental questions. The questions are:

  • Why do you want to teach on Cambly?
  • Where did you hear about Cambly?
  • Have you worked on any other tutoring platforms in the past?

Final Step of the Cambly Application: Connection Test

The last step of the Cambly application process is the connection test. This simple test will prove that you have an adequate internet connection to teach on Cambly. I suggest using a wired connection instead of wifi if possible.

Once you’ve passed the connection test, the only thing left to do is wait! Hiring is based on the demand of teachers versus active students on the platform.

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