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Get Hired to Teach Online with Allschool in 2023

Allschool is a new online teaching platform and marketplace located in Singapore. If you are an online teacher from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK or Ireland, then you can teach online with Allschool.

In this post, I’ll share what Allschool is, who can apply, and what teaching on Allschool is like.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission when you make a purchase using my link or sign up to be a teacher with my referral link – at no extra cost to you. This helps me continue to provide free content for teachers. Thank you!

What is Allschool?

To begin, Allschool is an online marketplace for teachers. You can teach whatever you are passionate about! I currently teach ballet for ages 4-8 on the platform.

You decide how long your class will be, how much you will charge per learner, and how many learners you will teach in each class. This means you have the potential to earn much more than the average $10-15USD per hour offered by most online ESL companies.

Allschool has a lower commission rate than other online teaching marketplaces which means you keep more of what you earn.

Allschool’s students are mainly from Asia and Australia, but Allschool is currently increasing their reach to the US as well. This means that you can teach at any time of the day.


Allschool Basics

New to Allschool? Here are the basics you need to know before applying:

  • What you can teach – on Allschool you can teach what you are passionate about. You aren’t required to have a degree, but you should have some relevant educational or professional experience in your field. There are many different classes being offered on Allschool. Some examples are art, dance, ESL, reading, math, science, history, social classes and more.

  • Learners – Learners are between the ages of 3-18 and you can choose what ages you want to teach. I currently teach ages 4-7. I recommend keeping the age difference in your classes between 2-4 years. Many learners are from Asia, but soon you may see more students from Australia and the US. If you are TEFL certified, then this is a plus since many learners speak English as a second language.

  • Curricula – No curriculum is provided. This means that you must either create your own lesson plans and teaching materials or purchase a curriculum like ESL Pals, Crystal Clear English, Off2Class, etc. Teachers are in charge of following copyright so make sure you have permission to use the materials for commercial purposes. I personally use Canva to create my lesson plans, teaching materials and materials for the parents and students. Click here to try the Pro version of Canva for free for 30 days.

  • Class types – There are different class types on Allschool. One-time classes meet once and are a great way for students to try out your classes. Multi-day classes meet more than once and can be a few weeks or even a semester long! Ongoing classes meet weekly and are great for things like clubs or classes where the material doesn’t build on itself. I currently teach one-time classes on Allschool and keep my ongoing classes on Outschool.

  • Getting paid & pricing your classes – You decide how much to charge PER STUDENT per class, as well as the length of the class. Allschool does take a commission to pay for the Zoom subscription (you don’t need your own pro subscription to teach on Allschool), the messaging system with parents and marketing. Allschool’s commission is currently 25% if using Zoom to teach your classes and 20% if using their software called Classpod. Allschool currently pays teachers by bank transfer a week or so after you teach your class.

Are you interested in applying for Allschool? Sign up to teach using this link or enter my code BEC143 and email me at jamie@eslteacher365.com to let me know you’ve used my link or code. I provide my referrals with a free Allschool application guide with tips and tricks.

Who can apply to teach online with Allschool?

  • Have a passport from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK or Ireland (but you can be living anywhere in the world!)
  • 18+ years old 
  • Pass a background check and verify your identity as part of the application process
  • Have reliable internet
  • Have a passion for what you are teaching – you don’t need a degree!

If you need help with your Allschool application, then you can sign up to teach on Allschool using this link or enter my code BEC143.

Download my free Outschool and Allschool application guide by clicking here.

Allschool vs Outschool – What’s the difference?

Outschool and Allschool are similar. In fact, many teachers teach on both platforms! This is because enrollments can ebb and flow so it’s always best to teach on more than one platform or for multiple companies to protect your income.

The main differences between Allschool and Outschool are:

  • Outschool is MUCH MORE established – this company has been around since 2015 and has over 1 million registered learners
  • Allschool is brand new! It was started in 2021.
  • To teach on Outschool you need to be LIVING in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England or Wales – this means that teachers who are living or traveling abroad will find it difficult to pass the yearly background checks. Also, teachers in Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland cannot teach on Outschool because of background check requirements.
  • To teach on Allschool, you need a passport from specific countries but you DON’T need to be living there! This makes teaching on Allschool amazing for teachers who are abroad or planning on traveling most of the year.

My Experience teaching on Allschool

I have taught a few dance classes on Allschool. My learners have all been non-native English speakers so the fact that I am also a certified ESL teacher is a huge plus! If you don’t have a TEFL certificate yet, I recommend Premier TEFL.

I’m not exactly sure where my students are from, but they seem to be from Asian and European countries. Since my students are quite young, some of their parents have helped translate parts of the class while sitting off to the side.

Since I already teach similar classes on Outschool, creating my lesson plans for Allschool was fairly straightforward. On Allschool it’s recommended to include a “parents guide” for families so I created a short PDF with simple language and pictures so families can show their learner what to expect from my classes.

You can download my example from my class listing for Mermaid Ballet by clicking here. Just search under “Parents Guide.”

In my first class I had two students who never attended, but I still got paid for teaching them. Allschool also offers extra incentives from time to time, so be on the lookout!

Teach Online with Allschool – Application Process

To teach on Allschool, you need to complete a written application, upload your teaching and/or educational credentials and submit a teacher intro video.

Once you are accepted, you also need to pass a background check.

If you need help with your Allschool application, then you can sign up to teach on Allschool using this link or enter my code BEC143.

Download my free Outschool and Allschool application guide by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

Allschool is a newer platform that is actively looking to hire new teachers! If you love creating and teaching your own classes and have some ESL experience, then Allschool could be a great fit for you.

Happy teaching!

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