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What Clients Have to Say

Testimonial: Danie, USA

Jamie is your guru for getting abroad! If you’re wanting to find an English teaching job she is an expert at finding the best gigs and giving you the confidence to take the leap and start traveling! I have taught overseas before, and I still feel confused every time I want to check out a new country. Jamie has worked in so many different schools all over the world, she knows how to find the best options for you that fit your needs and wants! Thank you Jamie for giving me clarity on how to go about getting to Korea! If you’re wanting to ditch the overwhelm and get clear quick on how to teach English overseas while feeling supported…Jamie is the best of the best!

Testimonial: Karmin, USA

“I believe that everyone should live their dreams. ESL Teacher 365 makes it happen. From friendly service to understanding the system of teaching abroad. The atmosphere of non-judgement is one of the reasons I will continue to tell people about this service.”

Jamie Gajewski Teach Abroad Coach

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