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MyCoolClass: A New Way to Teach Online

MyCoolClass is a different kind of online teaching platform since it’s a cooperative that is owned and run by teacher-members. In this post, one of the teachers named Mafe shares her experience with MyCoolClass.

This is a guest post written by Mafe from MyCoolClass.

The Current State of Online Teaching

Hi, my name is Mafe. I am a teacher-member at MyCoolClass, a fairly-new international e-learning worker-cooperative owned and run by its teacher-members. In the same way that Uber and Doordash drivers are taken advantage of, online teachers are heavily exploited by e-learning companies. 

At the very start of the pandemic, e-learning skyrocketed. But, teachers underwent massive pay cuts for company investors to gain huge profits despite a steady flow of students. 

In addition to less pay and more hours, teachers suffered from senseless penalties. E-learning companies punished their teachers for drinking water during class or for being unexpectedly sick. This continues to happen to this day. 

ESL platforms in China had tens of thousands of independent contractor teachers from the U.S. and other native English-speaking countries. However, that drastically changed due to the after-school crackdown. 

During the summer of 2021, 250,000 online teachers were left without jobs overnight. And to top it all off, companies were not clear with teachers or parents on the changes in China. 

My Experience Teaching Online

When I first began teaching online, I was very eager and happy. That all went down the drain only two months in. I started on a platform that does not have its tutors’ best interests at heart. They tend to market themselves as a serious online school, but that’s far from the truth. 

Due to this, students come to the platform with high expectations. But the platform does not pay nearly enough, the rating system harms tutors, and the cancelation policy is unfair to tutors. 

To go solo, it’s a lot harder than I initially thought. I had to do all my own marketing, set up a website that cost money, and regularly post on social media. Besides the expenses piling up, it left me with less time to do what I actually love, teaching. 

My Experience with MyCoolClass

I felt extremely discouraged until I stumbled upon a YouTube video about MyCoolClass. MyCoolClass cooperative members serve as co-owners with a financial and equal voting stake. 

As a worker-cooperative, our priorities are to make sure all teachers are paid fairly, treated equally, and have an equal say in decision making. The platform is designed to address problems online teachers face including low pay, unfair policies, and workplace discrimination.

We are looking to grow with talented people and achieve great things together. Our technology or services might not be entirely unique, but we have already proven that our cooperative model attracts highly-qualified and professional educators. 

Teaching Online with MyCoolClass

Teachers from all corners of the world and from diverse backgrounds are welcome to apply. Language instructors need at least a language teaching certificate (e.g. TEFL for English, ELE for Spanish, etc.) 

For other subjects, you must demonstrate that you are qualified to teach the lessons and courses you offer. If a college degree or certificate is not applicable, prior experience should be reflected in your resumé. 

As a teacher at MyCoolClass, you set your own prices, serve as a co-owner to an ethical brand, and accumulate paid time off. Being a relatively new company, you need to open eight hours of availability in your schedule since it’s a global platform. However, this is subject to change and may be removed as it grows.

Types of Classes on MyCoolClass

Regarding the type of classes – you provide your own lesson materials and there are three class types that you can do.  

  • ‘Find A Teacher’ Marketplace: Teachers offer lesson package courses for one-on-one classes.
    • All ages 
    • Any subject
    • Day and time of your choosing
  • Advertised Courses: Teachers offer fixed-time courses for group classes.
    •  All ages 
    • About absolutely anything (e.g. The history of punk rock, storytelling, etc…) 
    • Day and time of your choosing
  • Private Courses: Teachers can bring on students and offer a lower price outside the Marketplace.
    • All ages 
    • Any subject
    • Day and time of your choosing 

Final Thoughts

I have witnessed the real possibility and potential of an e-learning marketplace that respects and supports its tutors. Since becoming an online teacher, I’ve had many obstacles, but I’ve also had so many opportunities. I’ve met and closely worked with outstanding teachers and I have MyCoolClass to thank for that. Right now, I can see the future of education and its MyCoolClass.  ~Mafe

Click here to apply to teach on MyCoolClass.

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